BTS army can’t get over the cute pictures of Park Jimin from BTS for brand shoot of Celine and they can’t keep calm!

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Park Jimin is a popular face of brand BTS. He is very famous amongst the boys of BTS, as he has his unique style and good sense of dressing therefore he has a large number of followings and a great fan base.

Jimin was first seen in a series of harry potter where he was the member of the Slytherin house. Fans liked and adored him from then because of his cold stunning looks with the green jacket which suits him a lot.

Recently some cute pictures took the surface of internet and people love his looks which he had shot for the brand CELINE.

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BTS’ Jimin has been creating the headlines and taking on trends once more. Park Jimin’s photos dressed from a photo-shoot for article of clothing brand known as CELINE were now uploaded and the photos this collaboration directly wet viral all over the internet.

With over fifty nine thousand tweets, Park Jimin was trending at #5 on Twitter. Fans of the BTS singer, BTS army are unaware of this photo-shoot and this was unexpected for them and that is reason there reactions are so worthy about the new looks of Jimin.

BTS Jimin's shoot for the brand CELINE.
BTS Jimin’s shoot for the brand CELINE.

CELINE can be consider as the BTS foremost loving brand as before this shoot of Jimin, they have collaboraterd with other BTS singers as well. The BTS members have donned the clothes from Celine brand in past years as well. One of the members of BTS, Taehyung was also mostly seen in the white Celine shirt.

CELINE is the foremost loved brand of BTS:

 Last year in 2020, Jimin sporting the brand’s jacket and also the photo has straightaway gone viral all over the internet. BTS Jimin’s latest picture options the singer in a very plain white tee shirt with the name written on the front and a dark green jacket with beige sleeves.

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Black pants and a skinny yellow belt completed BTS Jimin’s look. His wavy blond hair is parted within the middle and he’s conjointly combination with little silver hoop earrings. Many photos and videos of the singer from this shoot have been surfaced on internet and fans aka BTS army can’t took over their eyes from him.

BTS Jimin's latest picture from shoot for CELINE
BTS Jimin’s latest picture from shoot for CELINE

Fans react to Park Jimin’s photos:

Fans had some attention-grabbing reactions to Park Jimin’s photos. With the great joy and support BTS army showers their love for Jimin. The reason why the Jimin’s picture from his latest photo-shoot for brand got so viral because not only BTS fan but also TXT fans loved these pictures as they compared park Jimin with their Huening Kai because of their similar outfits.

Here are some of the statements what BTS army expressed after the photo-shoot.

“How can someone looks so handsome! OMGGG I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF FROM HIM”

“I’m an 24 year old artist, I had no fashion sense but because of BTS I now know how to rock’in. Special thanks to Jimin!”

After seeing such a great response an outsider tweeted:

“Yoo idk who is BTS but their fandom support is no joke!!!!!”

We are in love with this new shoot of Jimin for Celine clothing brand. Everything was on point from small hoops to leather yellow belt and of course how can we forgot that stunning dark green jacket with beige sleeves. We totally loved the look what about you guys?

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the new photo-shoot of the BTS member park Jimin for the clothing brand CELINE has got viral all over the internet and is trending on #5 on twitter. Fans had no idea about this shoot it was all unexpected surprise for them and now they can’t keep calm. They totally love the looks of Jimin.

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