BTS is still in trending, “Dynamite” hit the fire

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BTS korean pop group broke all the records on youtube by sharing their first english song debut “Dynamite”

BTS once again breaks the records but now it’s on youtube. They are still number 1 on the trending page of youtube. Korean pop group BTS always hit the record, and this time their “Dynamite” song premiere win the hearts of their fans. Their dynamite premiere is now considering as top viewed premiere in the history of youtube. While I’m writing its views are 89 million, their millions of fans tuning in live to see their new music bomb, first English single yesterday.

Dynamite broke the record of Blackpink

“Dynamite” broke the record of another Korean pop group named Blackpink who had more than 1 and a half million viewers on their song debut “HOW YOU LIKE THAT” in June.
Blackpink song how you like that held the record of most viewed music video on the first day when it was posted. They score nearly 87 million views but Dynamite crosses the line like a fire and score 88 million views in less than 24 hours ( total 21 hours).

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Friday or a treat day

Friday evening was a great treat for BTS fans and also for dynamite and still, this song is number 1 on the trending page of youtube. “Break the Silence” is going to release in September and now we can say according to recent new hit, it will be a great hit even though we are facing coronavirus these days. It will break the records like their song dynamite. It’s the third time this year where BTS breaks the record on the first day of their music video stunning views with their marvelous entry.

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