BTS MAP of the soul ON:E: Day 1: Jimin left ARMY, eager for sexy, smooth, and gentle filter effects

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On the first day, Jimin sang his Map of the Soul: 7 solo songs Filter Live at ChimChim for the first time, leaving almost no wildest imagination of BTS ARMY.

Tweet about BTS’s “Soul Map: E” Solo Performance Capture Magic

BTS’ virtual concert Map of The Soul ON: E is full of wonderful performances by boys, superb performances and a combination of physical stage and AR and XR technology.

Needless to say, the fans who attended the first day of the concert on Saturday, October 10th were not disappointed. Although the entire performance was incredible, the Army could not stop talking about the outstanding performance of its solo performance.

These tweets about BTS’s “Soul Map: ON” E brought many highlights of the show.

The previous live concert of BTS boys-June 14 BANG BANG CON: The Live- broke the Guinness World Record record, with more than 756,000 spectators watching a paid virtual concert at one time.

Although everything from set to set list is hyped, many fans like solo performances.

Each member of BTS had a solo during the concert, but the first night of the night was RM’s “Persona” solo. RM started from the box behind the podium, and then jumped into the crowd, demonstrating his strong rap skills.

The next solo in the evening was Suga’s solo in “Shadow”, showing him that he started from a place that looked like a white corridor, and then stretched his hands to the back.

Then he suddenly appeared on the stage with shadows behind him, and then the whole atmosphere became smoky red with shadows all around.

The whole setting is very epic, and fans love his performance:

In “Black Swan”, Jiming’s solo dance also attracted everyone’s hearts. Jimin jumped to the orchestral version of this song and then started on the floor, raising his feet in a contemplative, elegant manner. The Army calls it a work of art:

Jungkook’s solo appears in the song “My Time”, with the red stage as the background before the stage transition.

In the middle of the night, V basically blows up everyone with his solo in “Inner Child”, including his own baby version and carousel, as well as smooth, meaningful vocals. Next to “Moon”, ARMY called V the purest night of solo.

The last solo of the night was J-Hope’s performance in “Ego”. Thanks to the bright colors of the set and J-Hope’s relaxed choreography, Twitter thanks them for their smiles.

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