BTS members detailed biographies and their hits in 2020

BTS (Bangtan Boys/ Beyond The Scene) detailed biographies and their hits in 2020

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BTS Members Names 

BTS all members in one frame
  • Jin
  • Suga
  • J-hope
  • Rap Monster
  • Jimin
  • V
  • Jeon Jungkook

BTS life mottos

BTS members
  • · Jin life motto is—— “ Let’s live without worries”
  • · Rap Monster life motto is——-“ This too shall pass”
  • · Jimin life motto is————- “Let us keep trying till we can’t do it anymore and Let’s become cool or the handsome one”.
  • · JungKook life motto is ——– “ Living without passion is like being dead”
  • · Suga life motto is ———–“ Lets live while having fun, doing music as your hobby, and doing it as work it different”.
  • · J-Hope life motto is———–“IF you don’t work hard there won’t be good results”
  • · V life motto is ———– “Let’s live life cool as much as you can”.

BTS 2020 albums list

  • Map Of The Soul: 7 [February 21, 2020]
  • Map Of The Soul: 7  The Journey  [July 15, 2020]
  •  Dynamite (DayTime Version) [August, 21st 2020]
  • Dynamite (NightTime Version) [September, 18th 2020]
  • BE [November 20th, 2020]

BTS members detailed biographies

1. Jinn 

BTS member Jinn

Real Name: Kim Seok Jin 

Position in BTS: Vocalist 

Date of Birth: December 4, 1992

Age: 28 years old 

Weight: 63 kg/ 155lbs

Height: 5.10/179 cm

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius 

Blood Type: O 

Hobbies: Cooking, playing video games, taking Selca, Eating 

Favorite food: junk food, lobster, chicken, hamburgers, naengmyeon, 

Favorite number: 4

Favorite color: Pink 

Jin total net worth in 2020: 20 million dollars

Some fun facts about Jin that’ll shock you not much but little too:

  • He’s a guy, but his personality is completely resembled like a Korean girl, he said once if he was a girl, he would date Jimin cause he is so shy and a non-social person. 
  • His role model is BIGBANG’s T.O.P 
  • he loves pink and cooking even though he is a boy. 
  • Jin love cooking and he is called BTS chef, all the members enjoy dishes that are made by him. 
  • He is a meat lover and not a picky eater, even in his childhood sometimes when he goes out on lunch or dinner he ate too much and can’t able to walk. 
  • Second tallest member of the BTS. 
  • His favorite game is Super Mario.
  • He already decided his future children’s names.
  • He always likes to fly kisses to the BTS army.
  • When jin getting mad his face and ear turns red.
  • His favorite weather is spring 
  • He’s so close with V. 
  • He’s a bad liar.
Jinn childhood image

BTS Jin Early education and Family:

Kim Seok Jin was born on December 4, 1992, in a rich family. His family members have four people including him, His father, his mother, his brother Hyungg and Jin. He graduated from Konkuk University with arts. He loves dancing and singing in his childhood. He never dated any girl because he studied in a boy school but, he has an ideal mindset towards his wife. She should be a good cook and has a cute puppy face. He rejected all the marriage proposals cause he thinks he married to BTS army. There are so many rumors about his marriage but, he’s still single. 

2. Suga 

Suga BTS member

Real name: Min Yoon Gi 

Date of birth: 9 March 1993

Age: 27

Nickname: Suga, Min Suga, Min Yoonji, MinPD, Lil meow

Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea

Position in Band: Lead Rapper

Height: 5.9/175.2cm

Weight: 59kg/130lbs

Blood Type: O

Religion: Christian/ Catholic

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hobbies: taking photos, relaxing

Favorite food: Meat.

Favorite drink: Iced Americano.

Favorite number: 3

Favorite color: white 

BTS Suga’s ideal: a girl who has a passion for music is an ideal of Suga.

Some fun facts about Suga that’ll make you laugh:

  • When he’s nervous and sad he speaks a satori accent.
  • He would love to date Jin he said if he were a girl.
  • Kanye West, hit boys are his role model.
  • He can repair broken things. 
  • His hobbies are nothing, he just loves relaxing in his free time and do nothing. 
  • He always wears Jungkook underwear even Jungkook every time gets mad at him. 
  • He wants a girl who loves hip hop music as his love type.
  • Band members also call him the Sugar.
  • His stage name is Suga which comes from “Shooting Guard”.
  • He suffered from depression for 3 years.
  • He hasn’t drink and has good control over alcohol if he drinks.
BTS suga childhood image

BTS Suga’s early education and relationship status:

Suga was born in Daegu, South Korea on March 9, 1993, army also called him Daegu boy. He is the youngest son of his family. At a very young age, he starts raping and writing music lyrics and songs. His stage name was gloss and had an amazing history as an underground rapper. He attended Taejeon Elementary School. He also works hard to become a successful rapper and even do a part-time job as a rapper at a recording studio at a very young age. He was in a relationship with his classmate but later they broke up and moved on.

Rap Monster BTS Leader

RM Bts Leader

Real Name: Kim Nam Joon

Position: Leader, Rapper

Stage Name: RM, Rap Monster

Nick Name: Rapmoon, Leader Mon, Dance Prodigy, and God of Destruction

Date of Birth: September 12, 1994

Birthplace: Ilsan, Seoul, South Korea

Age: 26 years old

Height: 181cm/5.11inches

Weight: 67kg/148lbs

Blood Type: A

Religion: Atheist

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hobbies: Using the Internet, Listening to Music, Reading, writing songs, Climbing, Walking in a park

Favorite Food: Korean Knife noodles, Meat

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite number: 1

BTS RM ideal girl: someone is tall, smart, sexy, thoughtful, confident, and feminine with a good voice

Rap Monster

Some facts that you didn’t know about RM:

  • He didn’t have a driving license.
  • He owns a studio name Mon Studio
  • Rap Monster role model is Kanye West and ASAP Rocky 
  • He gave Jungkook nickname
  • He wrote song lyrics based on his personal experience
  • Support transgenders
  • Habit of rolling his shoulders
  • He spends 6 months in New Zealand and studied there
  • He cant blow a bubblegum 
  • He is aggressive and sometimes break things
RM aka Rap Monster childhood image

RM early education and relationship status:

Kim Nam Joon was born in Goyang, on September 12, 1994, graduated from Global Cyber University with a higher GPA, and become top rankers in the national school exams. He has a good IQ and an extraordinary brain. His family was against his profession as a musician initially but over time they convinced. He had a relationship in high school but he is still single. 



Real Name: Jung Ho Seok

Stage Name: J-Hope

Nick Name: Bangtan’s Hope, BTS mother, Golden Hyung, King of Dance

Birthdate: February 18, 1994

Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea

Age: 26 years old

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist

Height: 177 cm/5.10

Weight: 65kg/143lbs

Blood Type: A

Favorite Food: original Korean foods, Kimchi

Favorite color: 

Favorite number: 7

Religion: Non-Religious

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Hobbies: Listening to the music, window shopping

BTS J-Hope Ideal Girl: someone who loves him unconditionally cares for him, good cook, and thinks a lot about him.

some fun facts about J-Hope

Some facts that you should know about J-Hope:

  • He loves traditional and original Korean food and love to eat like a king.
  • Best dancer 
  • Called BTS mother because he always take care of other members like a mother
  • Cleaning is his priority
  • Has cleanest wardrobe and room
  • He love spring 
  • ASAP and J.Cole, G-Dragon are his role model
  • He sleeps with both hands raised 
  • He hate workouts and gym 
  • He was a victim of cyberbully 
  • J consult Suga when he feel stuck in a situation
  • He clean other members room like a mother
J-Hope Childhood image

J-Hope early education and relationship status:

J-Hope was born in a middle family on February 18, 1994. Although he does not belong to a rich family but they support him well. He joined an underground dance group and earned a good reputation before coming into BTS. J-Hope is still single, in the past, he had a girlfriend but she dumped him for a man. Her memories are painful for him.


Park Jimin

Real Name: Park Ji-min

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer

Stage Name: Jimin

Nick Name: ChimChim, Jiminie, Christian Chim Chim, Mochi, Dominie, D dan-Ji, and Sexy Mochi. 

Date of Birth: October 13, 1995

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Age: 25 years old

Height: 175cm/5.9inches

Weight: 59kg/130lbs

Blood Type: A

Religion: Unknown

Zodiac Sign: Libra                                                       

Hobbies: Relaxing, Getting beat up, Drawing, Dance, playing video games

Favorite Food: Kimchi, Chahan, Bibimbap, Fruits

Favorite Color: Blue, Black

 Favorite number: 3

Favorite Hero: Hulk

BTS Jimin’s ideal type girl: smaller, shorter, always thinks about him, loves him unconditionally, caring, cute, loves sharing, and big-hearted.

Fun Facts about Jimin

Some fun facts about Jimin that you’ll love:

  • Oldest child in his family 
  • He loves dance and new moves
  • Jimin was the last member who joined BTS 
  • Jimin role models are Taeyang and Rain 
  • He is a perfectionist in his work 
  • Most energetic dancer in BTS
  • He loves short girls. His ideal type is shorter and smaller.
  • He once participated in a dancing competition when he didn’t join BTS
  • Whenever music starts his body automatically dance.
  • He loves sour things.
Jimin childhood image

Jimin Early education and relationship status:

Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan, South Korea. Jimin had a younger brother. He studied in Busan High School of Arts and was an excellent student and always score good grades. His teacher loves his dance and once advised him to participate in a competition. One thing that most people don’t t knows that; Jimin and V are graduated together from Korean Art school. He is still single, although he had a crush and he is so shy when she stands near him. 



Real Name: Kim Tae Hyung

Position: Vocalist, Visual, Lead Dancer

Stage Name: V

Nick Name: Tae, Tae Tae, Gucci Boy, Vante, CGV, Blank Tae

Date of Birth: December 30, 1995

Birthplace: Daegu, Seo District

Age: 25 years old

Height: 179cm/5.10inches

Weight: 62kg/137lbs 

Blood Type: AB

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn                                                     

Hobbies: Searching for music that nobody listens

Favorite Food: Japchae, meat

Favorite Color: Black, Green, White

 Favorite number: 10

BTS Jimin’s ideal type girl: take care of him, love him unconditionally, and one who has lots of Aegyeo.

some fun facts about V

Some fun facts about V that you’ll love: 

  • He loves uniqueness 
  • He’s a meat lover
  • V always convey blank expressions that’s why his friends call him Blank Tae
  • He bit his nails
  • His role model is his dad
  • He loves oversized dolls and has a huge collection of oversized dolls.
  • V acting debut was as a supporting role in a drama 
  • He loves anime 
  • V best friend is Park Gum
V childhood image

V early education and relationship status:      

Kim Taen Hyung was born in Daegu on December 30, 1995. He has five family members including his parents, one brother, and one sister. He can play saxophone when he was in 12th grade. His father always support him, support his dreams. Due to his father’s motivation, he starts learning the saxophone. He graduated from Korean Arts High school.              



Real Name: Jeon Jeong-Guk

Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper

Stage Name: Jungkook 

Nick Name: Jungkookie, Muscle Pig, Kook, Seagull, JK, Nochu, Bunny, Justin Seagull, Golden Maknae, The one in the Middle.

Date of Birth: September 1. 1997

Birthplace: Busan, South 

Age: 23 years old

Height: 177cm/ 5.10inches

Weight: 70kg/154lbs

Blood Type: A

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Virgo                                              

Hobbies: Drawing, playing video games, Dance, Playing saxophone and Guitar, and read webtoons.

Favorite Food: anything with flour, Bread

Favorite Color: Black, Red, White

 Favorite number: 1

BTS Jimin’s ideal type girl: smaller than him, good looking, good wife, good singer, good at cooking, pretty legs, and loving. 

BTS last member
BTS last member

Some funny and crazy facts that you didn’t know about Jungkook:

  • He always wanna be a number one person that’s why his favorite number is 1.
  • His role models re BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON
  • He has many wired habits 
  • Jungkook is the dirtiest members 
  • He has the messiest room 
  • He loves shoes and makeup
  • Jungkook wriggles his fingers a lot
  • His favorite place is Australia
  • His ideal type must be smaller than him and has a good voice.
Jungkook childhood image
Jungkook childhood image

Jungkook Early education and relationship status:

Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997, in Busan, South Korea. He has four family members including him. He participated in a show called superstar K and eliminated before the final round, but he didn’t lose hope and tried hard. He chooses Big Hit Entertainment where he met Rap Monster-BTS members and started rapping. He’s a very shy person even in the beginning when he was asked to sing he started crying.  

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