“Bubble” may be the best COVID defense for team sports

The NBA and NHL strictly restrict their teams’ sports. MLB and NFL are difficult to replicate. This is a successful formula. The National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League put their teams in a bubble-close to the arena and hotels-to complete the 2019-20 season.

Major League Baseball is trying to create a virtual bubble around its teams. But after multiple games were postponed due to the outbreak of four teams. From NFL games to college sports results, you need to know all the top sports news every day.

The infection does not seem to be caused by lack of planning:

The NBA, NHL and MLB drafted lengthy documents outlining their agreements. However, the factors that make each sport unique-from the number of players to the playing field-may have the greatest impact on controllable factors, including COVID-19 infection. This could be huge for the $16 billion National Football League season currently in training camps and college football games.

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Big Ten and Pac-12 postponed the fall on Tuesday.

With 10 players participating in a baseball game at a time, each MLB team needs twice the number of basketball teams with only 5 players. Finding homes for 70 people on 30 Major League Baseball teams in one or two locations quickly became a challenge – not to mention the opposition of the Major League Baseball Players Association that kept players in trouble for months .

All the troubles of Major League Baseball, including the outbreaks with the Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals.

The number of players and staff in each camp is huge more than twice the number of people sailing on each MLB team-and prolonged close contact during the game raises challenges that other leagues have not yet faced.

Test, test, test:

In the first two weeks before the players travel to Orlando, the NBA requires them to undergo a corona virus test.

From July 7th to 9th, they entered a three-day phase. Each player must be isolated in his room for more than 24 hours and completed two negative COVID 19 tests.

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