Buffalo: Montana TV reporter’s reaction, as a herd of bison interrupts his broadcast in Yellowstone National Park

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Buffalo: Journalist “Deion Broxton” of NBC’s Montana was shooting a video in Yellowstone National Park. When a herd of bison approached there, the reaction of the news reporter was too funny and priceless.

His reaction was like, oh my God, oh my God. Oh no, Oh no, I am not messing with you. And thanks to technology, the camera captured the entire funny moment.

Montana TV reporter’s reaction, as a herd of bison interrupts his broadcast in Yellowstone National Park
Credit: YouTube.com

As the news reporter “Deion Broxton” felt fear, he ran. And he packed up all of his cameras and other equipment. This moment was so relatable. Especially for all those people who fear dogs and other animals like buffalo. 

Deion Broxton uploaded this video on his personal Twitter account.

Deion Broxton gave an interview and talked about this situation:

I read from ftw.usatoday.com, Broxton told in a phone interview that regularly buffalo don’t come so close. Yet he estimated with the park shut over coronavirus fears. All the animals behaved in an unexpected way.

Furthermore, he said that Almost twenty times, I came to Yellowstone National Park to shoot a video. And now, I understood the behavior of the bison. And I don’t have their fear.

Usually, bison do not come near the people and cars. But that day, one bison was coming towards me, and he did not see anything besides me and started coming towards me. So, I ran and packed my gears.

But definitely, Broxton took a smart choice, as he decided to give the animals their space. After this video, no one noticed the hard news about the park. Everyone just saw this funny moment.

Is bison a buffalo:

Bison and buffalo, both are different animals. Actually, the old-world real buffalo belongs to Africa and Asia. And bison belongs to North America and Europe. Both buffalo and bison are in the “Bovidae family,” however, the two are not closely related.

Bison in fields
Credit: britannica.com

Are Bisons dangerous?

Bison are among the most dangerous creatures experienced by guests to the different North American national parks. And they assault people if provoked.

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