Canada Borders Closed for Nonnatives, Trudeau stated:

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Canada Borders Closed: Prime minister Trudeau said that the Canada border is closed; for all those people, who are not the permanent residents or the citizens of Canada due to the Coronavirus. On Monday morning, Trudeau said that the people outside the country, come into Canada as soon as possible. If you want to come. The new measure to relieve the spread of the Coronavirus in Canada does exclude United States residents. Moreover, air administrators will be officially ordered to stop the symptomatic passengers; prevent them from joining the flight.

Canada Borders Closed
Canada Borders Closed due to Coronavirus

According to the latest updates of Monday, Canada confirmed overall 324 positive cases of Coronavirus. And one death happened there due to COVID-19. Sophie, the wife of Justin Trudeau, included in those people of Canada; who are tested positive for Coronavirus. Now, she is in isolation from all of his family members. 

Trudeau said that, overall, Canada is taking progressively aggressive steps to protect all our individuals. Many people have faced and are facing problems in airports. But we took these steps only for our nation.

Four Airports can accept international flights:

The Canadian government also announced that now only four Canadian airports, “Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and in Montreal,”; can take passengers and flights coming from the other countries. Because in these airports, Canada implemented many precautionary measures to limit the Coronavirus. And all the returning residents of Canada asked to self-isolate themselves than all his family members, relatives, friends for their security.

Canada Borders Closed
Four Canadian Airports can accept international flights

Many provinces closed all the schools and offices, both private or government sectors. Moreover, they also restricted all types of gatherings, weddings, and other events. They asked restaurants to work only on the capacity to 50{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5}, and also close all the cinemas, bars, gyms and spas. A few regions have implemented their special precautionary measures to forestall the Coronavirus. 

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