Canada joins the green list, but Spain and Greece remain yellow in the lackluster Covid travel reviews

Canada, Switzerland, and Denmark are countries on the British Green List and have conducted the latest signal review of international travel within Covid-19.

After several days of roaming, the Ministry of Transport was out of control, and the red, yellow, and almost unchanged rules governing the British restraint and testing rules.

England, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Azores are now green briefings.

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Canada has green status from now

Starting at 4 a.m. on Monday, August 30th, tourists entering the UK from these countries/regions can be exempted from the quarantine for double inspection. Instead, you must contact the smart layer analysis before you leave for the UK, and perform a PCR test 2 days after the impression.

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have confirmed that they will reflect the changes to the DfT traffic light list.

No country has been removed from the green list, and no new entries have been promoted from “high risk” to amber; the red list, which is the most troublesome and most expensive restriction.

However, both Montenegro and Thailand have been downgraded from amber to red and need to arrive in the UK after August 30 for 11 nights of hotel quarantine, at a cost of £2,285 per passenger. spent.

Only those who have the right to live in the UK can enter from Red List destinations.

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Canada’s green status is good news

Canada’s green status is good news for Britons who are eager to gather with their families in the pond for dough, but British tourists will stay until September 7th, border restrictions are lifted, and visits for leisure purposes are only possible if they are fully vaccinated vaccine.

All travelers will continue to request pre-arrival Covid-19 “ Molecular” test results, but double spur visitors will no longer need post-arrival testing unless they are randomly selected on the first day of their stay in Canada. You can also give up isolation.

The travel industry has expressed disappointment at the inadequate reorganization of traffic lights. Advantage Travel Partnership CEO Julia Lo Bue-Said stated that the current censorship system “undermines public confidence and travel”.

This makes it impossible for the industry to trade this method. ” Until recovery. “

The main omission of the changes in Turkey, which is still on the red list. The Ankara government and the British tourism industry have urged the country to remove it from the high-risk registration and move it to the “Amber List.” This means that you do not need a fully vaccinated traveler in the UK or the EU. It will detach itself when returning. There is also hope that Maldives and Pakistan will be removed from the red list.

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