Mr. Carl Reiner died at the age of 98

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Mr. Carl was a gift:

Mr. Carl Reiner was a wonderful gift to our industry, he spent most of his life out of the spotlight.

he was a writer, director and also an actor. carl Reiner died on Monday at the age of 98. His death was authenticated by his daughter. Mr. Carl fascinated national prominence in the 1950s in the variety show name, Your Show of Shows, in which he also

participated as a writer. after 10 years he produced the “Dick Van Dyke Show”

his comedy shows:

, one of the most outstanding situation comedy shows in the history of comedy and television. He also proved himself as an actor by playing memorable roles in” The Russians are coming”

,” Oceans Eleven” and also its sequel

his efforts:

. Kennedy center awarded him with Mark Twain Price. He was a great comedian, and he truly contribute to the history of comedy. He beautifully done the role of straight man, nobody realized,

how difficult a straight man’s role is, but he did it amazingly. He contributed not on the screen but also behind the scene and let others laugh. He took part in writing sessions of different shows,

his punching lines make the script crisp and sharp and a grade in quality. He said in an interview,

“I acted like a director, I acted like a producer, I sat in front of a table and act like a novelist”.

He moved his career from actor to director, on the first time he directed a film name The art of love. He also made his debut as a writer and director with something different. This movie based on a writer who faced writer block, this movie received a very good response. He appeared in many Hollywood movies. He leads a successful life even in his 90s. in 2017 he was featured in a documentary name if you are not in the obit,

eat breakfast, his appearance in that documentary was so prominent. That documentary related to the persons who actively live their lives even in their 90s. his tweeter account

was active for sharing his life with social media and also for political commentary. He spent his last years so actively.

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