Casting Now: Get $23,100 by starring in a series pilot plus three additional gigs

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Star in the pilot of the upcoming drama series “Kingpin” in today’s casting call. Talent is being sought for multiple high-paying parts. In addition, today’s casting calls include a dramatic short-form web series, a feature film about fresh starts, and a TV ad for a home services company!

“Kingpin”: Pilot for a Series

The drama series “Kingpin,” which follows a street lieutenant who, after meeting the love of his life, rises to prominence as the country’s most prominent kingpin, is presently seeking a pilot director. The show is produced by the BLMC Group. A variety of on-camera and voiceover parts, including the major roles of Christian and Kimberley, are seeking actors who are at least eighteen years old.

Dates for Talent’s work in Miami, Florida, are not yet known. For up to 21 days of labor, the pay ranges from $300 to $1,100 per day, with transport, meals, and housing covered for talent from outside the area.

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Commercial Shot for Home Services

A TV ad for a home services firm is looking for two actors, between the ages of 25 and 65, to play a technician and a homeowner. On June 13 or 14, talent will work in the Dallas, Texas, region. The salary is $900.

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“Capturing Pure”

Join the actors of ATran Studios’ feature film “Catching Pure,” which follows a recently discharged veteran who battles drug addiction while pursuing a career as a professional golfer. Actors in the D.C. or Virginia area between the ages of 25 and 60 are sought for a variety of supporting and day player roles.

Talent will be employed in Northern Virginia from July through September. For four days of work, there is a daily pay of $100.

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“The Destiny Is To Meet You.”

Talent located in Los Angeles, who is at least eighteen years old, is still being cast for the lead and supporting roles in the vertical mini-web series “Meeting You Is The Fate.” Talent will be in Los Angeles from June 25 to July 10. For up to ten days of work, $400 per day will be paid, along with lodging, food, and reimbursement for travel costs.

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