Casting Now: Take Part in a Dark Comedy-Thriller Short Film + 3 More Projects

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Don’t pass up any of the top gigs of today! A short dark comedy-thriller called “The Chair” is looking for actors to play its leading pair on the rocks. Talent is also being sought after for high-paying TikTok videos for a protein brand, a thriller set in the 1980s, and a vertical mini-web series!

“The Chair”

For the short dark comedy-thriller “The Chair,” casting is now taking place. For the lead roles of Carla and Paul, two performers between the ages of 24 and 29 are desired. Talent will work in Upstate New York over the June 20–27 weekend. Meals and transportation from New York City are included in the $200 day pay.

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UGC’s Women’s Protein Brand

For a protein brand, Smash Cactus Media is now looking for female content creators that are 25 years of age or older to work remotely to develop TikTok videos. It is necessary to have prior expertise with food and beverage or health brands. Payment is $3,000. Products are also given.

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1980s Thriller

For an upcoming movie filming in Los Angeles this spring and summer, Alessi Hartigan Casting is looking for actors 18 years of age and older to play background characters such as motorcyclists, police officers, and more. Dates for work will start on June 4. $136–$208 is paid for eight hours of labor.

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“A surprise! I Have Abundant Wealth!”

Actors in Los Angeles between the ages of 18 and 99 are being sought for a variety of parts in the short-form vertical mobisode series “Surprise! I’m Crazy Rich!” June 18–30 is when talent will work. $200–$400 per day for a maximum of nine workdays is the pay.

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