The eventual fate of Uber and Lyft in California

Helen Dunmore

California’s ride-hailing administration was nearly shut on Friday-its future is as yet dubious. On Thursday, the two organizations won a very late probation for the starter order. Which will constrain them to move drivers toward representatives on Friday Lyft and Uber are caught in the fight for endurance in California. […]

Magnificent Comeback of Ford Bronco

Helen Dunmore

Ford motor company is the manufacturer of Ford Bronco. They manufactured it and marketed it from 1965 to 1996. It is a model line of SUVs. It was a huge competitor of Chevrolet K5 Blazer and Dodge ram charger. Ford Company modified it in these years. Ford Broncos were manufactured […]

Top 10 Features About Tesla Truck

Mark Wood

Are you ready to check out Tesla Truck Pickup? Do you want to know what is so special about this test truck pickup? Well, this cyber track has been amazingly designed to add it with the utility of the truck and acting upon as an extraordinary sports car. It is exceptionally durable […]