Let’s Meet the Characters of “OLD Guard”

Helen Dunmore

The Essential Immortals Andy (Andromache of Scythia) She found her eternality when she was executed by the warrior lady she saw as a mother, a double-crossing that made the homicide even more agonizing. She was distant from everyone else for a thousand years before meeting Lyon and Noriko, two individuals like […]

Why You Will Never Forget Pop Smoke Rapper

Helen Dunmore

Bashar Barakah Jackson referred to expertly as Pop Smoke, was an American rapper and musician. Brought up in Canarsie, Brooklyn, Pop Smoke started his melodic vocation in 2018, after a period as a street pharmacist actuated by dropping out of school. Pop Smoke immediately picked up notoriety, and discharge his […]

Close Enough | New talk of the town

Helen Dunmore

James Garland Quintel is famous as J.G. Quintel is an American animator, director, producer, actor and, a television writer. Previously he was known for “Camp Lazlo” “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack” and “Regular Show”. Now he is talk of the town due to his latest television animated series “Close Enough” […]

Lea Michele racism allegations

Lea Michele is known for her role as Rachel Berry in “Happy Choir”.This is all you need to know about the Lea Michele dispute. After the death of George Floyd, the star of the former Joy Choir went to Twitter to express her support for the “BlackLivesMatter” movement. She tweeted: […]