Quick Israeli airstrikes in southern Gaza city as hostages receive medicine

Residents of Khan Younis in southern Gaza are reporting a harrowing night, facing one of the most intense bouts of airstrikes since the beginning of Israel’s offensive. picture depict the night sky illuminated by the flames from Israeli airstrikes, accompanied by the echoing sounds of bombings and gunfire throughout the city. Displaced families are fleeing … Read more

Ukraine downs Russian A-50 spy plane

Ukraine’s military asserts it successfully downed a Russian military spy plane above the Sea of Azov, dealing a significant blow to Moscow’s air power. Gen Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Army chief, reported that the air force “eliminated” an A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft and an Il-22 air control center. The A-50 plays a crucial role in … Read more

Israel claims South Africa is distorting facts in the ICJ genocide case

Israel asserts that South Africa has distorted the truth in its presentation to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where Israel faces allegations of genocide. According to Israeli lawyer Tal Becker, South Africa provided a “sweeping counter-factual description” of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. South Africa accuses Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza war … Read more

Vaccine Investigation Delayed Due to COVID Inquiry

The Covid inquiry, initially scheduled to commence evidence on vaccine and drug development this summer, has faced a delay. Witness hearings are now expected to take place at a later date, likely after the upcoming general election. Baroness Hallett, chairing the inquiry, acknowledged the decision might disappoint some. However, she emphasized the necessity for additional … Read more

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hid his cancer diagnosis from the White House

President Joe Biden was only informed about US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s cancer treatment on Tuesday, according to the White House. Austin, 70, faced criticism for delaying the disclosure of his hospitalization and complications after surgery, prompting concerns about national security and transparency within the Biden administration. Admitted to the hospital on January 1, 70-year-old … Read more