Reopening schools and virtual learning

Helen Dunmore

Reopening schools and virtual learning Experts provide valuable insights: An expert group from the Stanford University School of Medicine recommends that schools should record the temperature of students when children arrive every morning as part of a multi-level screening program for students and faculty. As schools across the United States […]

Donald Trump wants his face to hitch Rushmore

Trump denied that WH asked whether to place in him to Rushmore and so called it a “good idea”South Dakota Governor Noem said that Trump’s “dream” was added to the monument. The name of this mountain long before the monument carving began to be named for New York City lawyer Charles E.Oct 30, 2016 On […]

The consequences of the robbery in downtown Chicago

Helen Dunmore

Robbery in downtown Chicago: The consequences of the robbery in downtown Chicago; 13 policemen were injured, two were shot, more than a hundred people were arrested, Mag Mile was destroyed It was confirmed by Chicago Tribune that Authorities said that early Monday, hundreds of people swept across the Magnificent Mile […]

Gas explosion level 3 Baltimore house; 1 dead and 1 trapped

A gas explosion destroyed everything On Monday, a natural gas explosion destroyed three rows of houses in Baltimore, killed a woman and trapped others in the wreckage. As firefighters searched for more survivors, at least four people were hospitalized with serious injuries. Dozens of firefighters gathered at the disaster site. […]