Lea Michele racism allegations

Lea Michele is known for her role as Rachel Berry in “Happy Choir”.This is all you need to know about the Lea Michele dispute. After the death of George Floyd, the star of the former Joy Choir went to Twitter to express her support for the “BlackLivesMatter” movement. She tweeted: […]

Walter Mercado, Remembered, With ‘Mucho Mucho Amor’

Helen Dunmore

Mercado: When you’ve seen Mercado “Mucho Mucho Amor”, you remember him: Nearly consistently decked out in an extravagantly designed cape, and typically wearing three or four pieces of jewelry and twice the same number of rings, he blended Vegas-style dramatic skill with enchantment and thoughtfulness. Read Also: Johnny Depp admits […]

Tiffany Haddish become a bald woman

Tiffany Haddish give surprise to her fans she has given fans a big chopped look after deciding she is going to change her look completely. Also Read: Johnny Depp admits heavy drinking but denies abuse of Amber Heard Haddish is a comedian who is recently supporting faux locs during all […]

America’s got talent

did you watch America got talent? don’t be disappointed that NBC will broadcast the premiere of the 15th season of “AGT” from the end of May on July 7? COVID 19: The COVID-19 pandemic made the production schedule confusing, and the show had to adjust its schedule. Also Read: Remdseivir […]