Some states still require self-quarantine

Helen Dunmore

The country is opening up, but it does not mean that travelers are free to travel in this epidemic situation.  “USA Today” prevents interstate travel recommending isolation of tourists and residents from other states. Some states require the recent negative COVID-19 test to replace a comprehensive isolation policy. Here are […]

Ed Henry fired from fox

Fox stated that one of its top news anchors had been fired, everybody become curious about this news. Fox News received a complaint: After the fox network received a complaint of sexual harassment last week which was done from years ago. On 5 June fox received a complaint about Ed […]

Asymptomatic persons or danger?

Helen Dunmore

What is asymptomatic? Asymptomatic means someone is infected with the virus but does not have any symptoms. This is different from symptomatic symptoms, which means that a person does not show any symptoms at start, but then reappears. For those who have no symptoms, the infection getting worse may be […]

Everyone Loves 2020 BET Awards, you know why?

Helen Dunmore

“Your voice is being heard, and you are proving to our ancestors that their struggle is not in vain,” said the megastar singer of the BET Awards, celebrating its 20 years of emphasizing excellence in black-led entertainment. However, the ceremony was filmed due to the epidemic. Most of its energy […]

Americans faces floods without warnings

Helen Dunmore

Flooding is the short-term flow of water onto usually dry land. Floods are the most familiar natural catastrophe in the United States. Evacuating or entering flooded areas may result in injury or death. The flood may occur: The result of rain, snow brings coastal storms, and become the reason for […]