Trump Coronavirus: President Trump Declared National Emergency

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Trump Coronavirus: On Friday, President Donald Trump declared two huge words, “National Emergency.”. That means he decided to free up $50 billion in government assets to battle the coronavirus. In the early outbreaks, Donald Trump has also refused to take his responsibility for administration failures. Donald Trump and his authorities attempted to guarantee […]

Coronavirus in Mexico: Government confirmed 12 cases

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Coronavirus in Mexico: In the daily Coronavirus Report, Mexican health authorities indicated that in the last 24 hours, the cases confirmed by Covid-19 increased from seven to 12. The newly infected are a 43-year-old man in Queretaro with a history of traveling to Spain. Two new cases in Mexico City, […]

E3 2020 is canceled due to fear of coronavirus

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The world’s largest video game convention E3 2020 will not hold as scheduled in June in Los Angeles. The organizers analyze the option of making the announcements via streaming. The coronavirus claims the life of another technological event: E3 2020. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, should be held […]

Harvey Weinstein: Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison For Sexual Abuse

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Harvey Weinstein is an American sex offender and also a former American film producer. He launched an entertainment company named “Miramax” with the collaboration of his brother Bob. Miramax launched many successful independent films. Videotape, Lies, Pulp Fiction, Sex, Flirting with Disaster, Shakespeare in Love, and The Crying Game are […]

Billie Eilish takes shirt off, protests body shaming

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Billie Eilish takes shirt off during the show. If there is something that characterizes the great stars, it is their reach to any corner of the planet. Every message they send out to the world reaches the ears of millions of people, and that is why many of these stars […]

Amherst College cancels the class due to coronavirus

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Amherst College issued a statement this Monday. In which the Amherst college said that all classes would be online only after spring break, which is beginning 23 March. The college said in a message that they understood that many people would travel widely during spring break, no matter how hard […]