Systems of Oppression

Helen Dunmore

Omar Ilhan shared her point of view Omar Ilhan shared her point of view about the American system “Systems of Oppression” during a conference in Minnesota. American citizens are also against racism and want changes in their system inequality. The country faced worldwide protests against inequality and injustice among the […]

Donald Trump wants fireworks over Mount Rushmore

Helen Dunmore

Donald Trump wants independence day firework over Mount Rushmore. he wants a big show with fire works and alot more. For President Trump, standing side by side with the American historical gigantic is the most natural choice. On Friday night, he will travel to Mount Rushmore to attend an early […]

Herman Cain is hospitalized due to COVID 19.

Helen Dunmore 2

Herman Cain a former republican head candidate has been hospitalized due to coronavirus: Herman Cain a former republican head candidate has been hospitalized due to coronavirus. Mr. Herman the chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza, had tested on Monday and the result is positive. After that, he was hospitalized on Tuesday, […]

Harriet Tubman isn’t on the 20 $ bill yet?

Helen Dunmore

President Donald Trump signed an order: President Trump signed executive orders to protect monuments, memorials, and statues. On the one side, he is saying that he’s trying to save all the monuments and memorials but why he ignores the Harriet Tubman 20 $ bill???. Harriet Tubman was a great patriot […]

Mondaire Jones replaces Mita Lowey:

Muhammad Fahad

Mondaire Jones has finally emerged from a crowded congressional primary in the New york city’s suburbs where insiders were afraid to make a prediction. Mondaire who calls himself as a progressive double up his votes of any other candidates that were running in the democratic party primary to replace the […]