Maria Sharapova retires from tennis at 32

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Without making much noise, Maria Sharapova announced Wednesday that she is retiring from professional tennis. At 32 years of age, the Russian ended a career in which she conquered five Grand Slam championships, reached the top of the world rankings, and purged a 15-month suspension for doping. Sharapova has been […]


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Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors fight over forward Markieff Morris, who declared himself a free agent in the NBA. On Friday afternoon, February 21, 2020, forward Markieff Morris and the Detroit Pistons ended their relationship with Morris to make a contract purchase to the team to have the right […]

Tony Fernandez, Former Cleveland Indian dies at 57

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Tony Fernandez, Former Cleveland Indian, dies at the age of 57 from kidney disease.  The Blue Jays announced his death Sunday morning. They said about Fernandez that he was one of his club’s most celebrated and respected players. The National Baseball Hall of Fame tweeted that Tony Fernandez died Saturday. […]