Cause of death of Logan Williams (The Flash), Mom said

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The Industry has lost a rising star on 2 April 2020. The cause of the death of Logan Williams the Flash, has not been revealed. But now, his mother has told the cause of death. 

Logan Williams the Flash
Logan Williams the Flash
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On 2 April, Logan Williams unexpectedly passed away. At the time of death, the actor was only 16 years old; he died one week earlier when he was going to become seventeen.

 Marlyse Williams, Logan Williams’s mother, told

His mother, Marlyse Williams, told The New York Post that he died due to fentanyl overdose. She said he had been battling a three-year addiction.

She said that his death was not going to be in vain. Her son was going to help a lot of people down the road.

Marlyse said she is sharing the news because she wanted to raise awareness of the deadly opioid epidemic and help others in fighting with addiction. 

Due to a large number of stress auditions, he started to use marijuana, and from there, he used other drugs, but she did not know when he began using fentanyl.

Logan Williams’s mother said that she had done everything possible, everything a mother could do. She had done everything to stop him, to protect him, to keep him safe. 

Last time, his mother saw him on 30 March when they enjoyed his favorite meal together. 

Logan Williams the Flash
Logan Williams the Flash

She said she remembered the last time he said that mom, he was going to get clean. He was going to get better, and he wanted his new life to start.  

She said she just remembered the last thing was ‘I love you.’

At the time of his death, his fans, co-star, and actor shared their pain for his loss. Grant Gustin shared his picture with logan and captioned it with that just hearing the terrible news that Logan has passed away. His talent and professionalism on set have impressed him. 

How did Logan William die?

Logan Williams, the Flash acter, dies suddenly at the very young age of sixteen. At that time, the cause of his death has not been revealed, but today, 16 May, her mother, Marlyse Williams revealed the cause of his death was fentanyl overdose.

How old is Logan Williams die?

Logan Williams was born on 9 April 2003 in Vancouver, Canada, and died on 2 April 2020 due to an overdose of fentanyl. At the time of death, Logan Williams age: 16 years (2003–2020).

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