Challenger for QAnon supporters withdraws from the game in Georgia

Helen Dunmore
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The Democratic opponent of the candidate who received QAnon’s support in the Georgia House of Representatives is withdrawing from the race.

The Democratic candidate withdrew from the race on Friday after gaining an open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in Georgia, clearing the path to victory for Republican contenders supporting QAnon who have been criticized for their inflammatory comments.

His campaign manager Vinny Olsziewski told the Associated Press that Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal withdrew from the game with Marjorie Taylor Greene for “personal and family reasons.”

Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs said on Friday that the window for the Democrats to succeed Van Osdal has passed and it is likely to win the already favored Green.

Georgia law states that candidates who withdraw less than 60 days before the election cannot be replaced by voting. Van Ausdal is facing huge difficulties in the Crimson 14th Congressional District of Georgia. He issued a statement on Twitter on Friday, saying: “The next step in my life is to take me out of Georgia,” which cost him his seat.

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Green is notorious for his remarks about minorities and races.

In a series of videos released in June, she claimed to have carried out an “Islamic invasion” of government agencies, claimed that black and Hispanic men were turned away by “gangs and drug trafficking,” and presented anti-Semitist conspiracy theories, namely Billionaire philanthropist George Soros (George Soros), Jew, worked with the Nazis.

Green recently stated that in order to control the spread of the corona virus in the school, the mask request made the boy feel uncomfortable, and posted a photo montage on Facebook showing her posing with a rifle next to three progressive Democratic congressmen.

Green expressed strong support for Trump, touting pro-gun, pro-border wall and anti-abortion messages.

She also expressed support for law enforcement and accused the nation of “black life issues” protests in support of racial justice and equality in recent months.

After winning a Republican primary election in August, Trump congratulated Green on Twitter, calling her “the future Republican star.”After winning a Republican primary election in August, Trump congratulated Green on Twitter, calling her “the future Republican star.”

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