“Chariot” star Ben Cross dies at the age of 72

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The long career has bridged generations. Ben Cross was the British Olympic champion in the film that won the Oscar in 1981, and in the restart of “Star Trek” in 2009, Spock’s father was his father.

His other roles include starring in HBO’s first miniseries “Distant Pavilion” (1984) and the 1991 horror series “Shadow”.

His representative said that he passed away “suddenly” after a brief illness. His daughter Lauren wrote on Facebook that her “dear father” had passed away and she was “very sad”.

He has just finished shooting the horror film “Devil’s Light” and will star in the romantic drama film “Lover’s Letter” later this year.

Ben Cross was born in Harry Bernard Cross in London into a working-class Catholic family.

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he moved from the stage to the screen and played a minor role in the 1977 war film “Crossing the Bridge”. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in the same year and received wide acclaim from Billy Flynn in the 1978 stage musical “Chicago”-representing the murderer Roxie Hart.

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BBC editor said:

The BBC Religious Editor Martin Bashir said that Cross’s portrayal of Abrahams “caught the burden of being an outsider.” After the “Chariot” fired, Cross was appointed as a British officer in the Far Pavilion of Colonial India in the 19th century. Cross also played Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess in the 2006 BBC production of “Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazis”.

“He composed songs for Sinatra in Bulgaria. There are many stories. He also spoke in Bulgarian and German at the scene.

An American TV paid tribute:

American TV and film director Todd Holland also paid tribute, saying that he met Cross early in his career. He said: “We conducted a screen test at Pinewood Studios. I went to his house to have dinner with his family.” “Ben Cross is a lovely person and a talented actor. That movie was never finished. But really an elegant guy.”

Cross died in Vienna, Austria, and had two children, Lauren and Theo.

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