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The option of using ChatGPT for work might soon be available. For a fee, OpenAI is offering an experimental ChatGPT Professional service that would effectively remove the limitations on the popular chatbot. No throttling would be used and as many messages would be sent as needed, as long as the AI tool was always available. A pilot program isn’t expected to launch until next year, and the startup is asking for participants’ feedback on pricing.

Despite OpenAI’s pro offering, it is not afraid to explain the reasoning behind it. The company told TechCrunch on its Discord server it’s “starting to think” about how to make money with ChatGPT and keep the technology viable for years to come. According to CEO Sam Altman, ChatGPT costs OpenAI a few cents per chat, making it impractical to offer it for free. It is estimated that OpenAI will earn $200 million in revenue this year, and $1 billion in 2024, with subscriptions playing a crucial role.

ChatGPT Professional doesn’t appear to have a large audience. It is unknown how many users are ‘serious’ in comparison with enthusiasts or curious onlookers who use the existing version.

There have been bans on the bot in schools and even at AI conferences. ChatGPT is reportedly being integrated into Bing, a major OpenAI backer, by March, and investors have even tested the technology in their workflows. Pilots may help gauge real-world demand, as well as determine the prices needed to turn a profit.

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