Childhood of Lakeith Stanfield, food theft, and his mother’s abusive boyfriend

Rising star Lakeith Stanfield

Today, Lakeith Stanfield may be one of Hollywood’s brightest rising stars, but as a child, he was often hungry and had to steal food. FX comedy “Atlanta” star Lakeith Stanfield may now be one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, but as a young boy, he lives in poverty and often goes hungry.

The talented and talented 29-year-old Stanfield fans did not realize that as a child. His life was a modern version of Dickens’ Oliver Twist, full of all elements of violence, cruelty, and despair.  Life for the young San Bernardino boy is not easy.

His parents were separated and neither party provided stability or safety for their five children.

Stanfield Mother Abusive boyfriend

Stanfield’s mother had a violent abuser and often beat her children. Stanfield confessed:

“I had nothing to compare at the time. It was like “this is happening now.” I wouldn’t say, “This is terrible. “

His two brothers are autistic, so Stanfield is the only one who can tolerate this man, and he bears the brunt. After calling 911 many times and seeing that the authorities were powerless, Stanfield stopped the call.

Stanfield is now joking about “Boney Sandwich without Mayonnaise and Cheese”. He is haunted by the memory of hunger and is hungry enough to steal food. Stanfield found himself acting in high school, so street crime did not appeal to him All the little troubles Stanfield was involved in were related to food stealing. Later, he got older and stole beer from the grocery store.

Rescue through drama

He revealed: Fortunately, once Stanfield found out that he was acting in high school, street gang crimes were not attractive to him. He may not be a star student in other classes, but he is very good at theater.

At the age of 16, he bought some headshots for $60 and then joined a modeling school. He participated in the audition for Destin Daniel Cretton’s short film “12 Semester Short” and was selected as a boy to live in a group house of a troubled young man.

Stanfield’s performance as Marcus was fascinating, heartbreaking, and was praised as an Oscar by the Hollywood Reporter.

The film premiered at Sundance and won the Jury Award for short film production in the United States. Stanfield was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in the Independent Spirit Award.

But for Stanfield, the “short-term 12 period” is not the door for him to become a star. The agency job was not satisfied, he eventually started working in a cannabis plantation, and then became AT&T’s door-to-door salesman, until his historical record surfaced and was fired.

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