China Invents Coronavirus Vaccine And Decides to Launch in Pakistan

Coronavirus Vaccine: Chinese medical scientists achieved a significant victory by inventing the vaccine of Coronavirus (COVID-19). And they also officially said that they are ready to give this vaccine to Pakistan based on their relations.
China has prepared the vaccine of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and decided to launch soon in Pakistan
Credit: (92 News HD)

On Wednesday, this news was revealed by senior news anchor “Saadia Afzal” during the 92News program ‘News @ 5’.

She said that the world is in the grasp of the dread of coronavirus. 

If we wait for the vaccine from Europe and America, it may take three to five years.

But it is excellent news that Pakistan is going to be included in those countries that are going to launch it earlier. The Chinese government and embassy have helped us very much in such a manner.

Coronavirus Vaccine
China prepares the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine

In this show, Major General Dr. Amir Ikraam said:

All around the world, many countries are working on the vaccine; but China invented it first and started the trial. However, many other countries like Germany, Russia, United States etc, also going to take the trials of the vaccine. Typically, a new vaccine is launched after eight to ten years; due to clearance and verification from some trusted resources, including DRAP.  But observing the situation and reports, we hope that after three months, this vaccine will be in the hands of Pakistan; because China merged the first two phases of this vaccine trial.

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