China Released a video showing the Footage of Fight with India at Galwan Valley.

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China has started a psy-war by releasing a video showing the footage of fight with India at Galwan Valley. The video of the Galwan Valley clash was released on Friday, 19th of February 2021. The video circulated all over social media incriminating the Indian Army.

Footage of fight with India at Galwan Valley
Footage of fight with India at Galwan Valley

It was seen in the released video that the Indian Army was being aggressive and leading to a clash. The recently released video showed the footage of a clash between Indian and Chinese troops. It seems like china wants to show its power to the world and defeat of Indian Army.

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Was China taking revenge by releasing the footage of Fight with India at Galwan Valley?

The video came after china officially acknowledged it also tolerated casualties in the violent faceoff. The ministers of Prime Minister of India, Modi, and Indian media were deliberately announcing the mess they have created.

Exaggeratively it was announced by Indian media that they have killed 45 soldiers of China and much more. It seems like, in response to that, China has released the footage of Fight with India at Galwan Valley. No reaction was recorded by the Indian Army to the released video of the clash by China.

Indians believe that 30 Chinese soldiers were martyred in the Galwan Valley clash. But China declared that four of their troops were killed in the fierce clash with the Indian Army in eastern Ladakh last year. The Galwan Valley clash happened in June 2020 when 20 of the Indian Army soldiers were martyred.

Global Times took to their Twitter handle and wrote, “An on-site video reveals in detail the four PLA martyrs and other brave Chinese soldiers at the scene of the Galwan Valley border clash with India in June 2020.”

The clash happened when Chinese soldiers prevented Indian soldiers from marching up to their traditional patrolling point in the area. It is now decided to schedule a meeting between top military officers from both sides to further discuss disengagement.

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