Chrissy Teigen shared a sad announcement, she lost her baby boy Jack

Chrissy Teigen shared sad news for us, we were waiting for her Jack but, she lost her baby boy today. It’s heart wrecking news that nobody could deny what she felt right now. She announces that she and John lost her baby boy who she already named jack.

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen added

I’m so sorry Jack! You faced the complication from the first moment of your life. We couldn’t give you the home you needed to live and survive but we always love you, love you forever, “To our Jack”.

What happened?

Teigen was facing complications from the start of her pregnancy, it was her 3rd time and her pregnancy in the Half but she had started bleeding last night. They rushed to the hospital, and then they came to know that Teigen and John’s Baby Jack is no more.
Everybody was waiting for the Jack since she announced her pregnancy but nobody ever imagine the wait will over like this. Jack’s parents are in deep pain and we cant express their feelings through words, its just unexplainable. Teigen said: we are shocked and in pain that we can’t even express, we would never imagine our journey will lead us to this heart wrecking ending that we couldn’t even bear. From the start of my pregnancy, we tried our best, we gave fluids that he needed at that time but the bleeding didn’t stop. I lost my Hp level and it sucks! I know its heartbreaking news but we will always love our Jack till our last breath.

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen replied on positive messages

Baby jack’s sad news comes over all the good pieces of news on twitter and everybody seems so sad and silent. She received thousands of messages that are sending positive energy to her soul and a lot of prays are surrounding herself right now.
She responded: thank you so much for all of your positive response, love all the positive energy, thoughts, and response on this sad news.

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Teigen Babies
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend first child Luna

Luna: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend first baby girl name is Luna, she is 4 years old and her recent birthday pics got so popular. During quarantine Teigen and her whole family so active on social media they shared Luna’s birthday pictures on social media. In pictures and videos they were celebrating her birthday but without any party or gathering cause it was during quarantine! She is perfectly twinning with her mother and poses always like Chrissy Teigen. No doubt she will become a famous model one day just like her gorgeous mommy.
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Stephens: Chrissy Teigen second baby was born in 2018, she shared her photographs on social media and everybody loved it so much.

Chrissy Teigen said: I and John never named their child since they born but this time we did it and see what we have now! sadness!

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