Co-Founder of Kraftwerk Florian Schneider Dies at 73 Age

Kraftwerk: Florian Schneider, the co-founder of a highly influential and pioneering German electronic music band ‘Kraftwerk,’ dies at the age of 73 due to cancer.

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A short introduction about Florian Schneider:

Florian Schneider‘s complete name is “Florian Schneider-Esleben,” and he was born in Düsseldorf (Germany). Schneider started his career as a musician. 

Born: April 7, 1947

Died: May 6, 2020

Death Age: 73

Parents: Paul Schneider-Esleben and Eva Maria

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Occupation: Flute Player

Education: Robert Schumann Hochschule

Musician Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider is famous for his performance in his co-founding German music band “Kraftwerk.”. He worked in this band until his retirement in 2008. confirms that the band “Kraftwerk,” said to their publicist Alexandra Greenberg:

Kraftwerk’s co-founder and electro pioneer ‘Ralf Hütter’ has sent us the exceptionally pitiful news that his companion and buddy over numerous decades “Florian Schneider” has died from a short cancer infection a couple of days after his 73rd birthday.

In Germany, Schneider and Ralf Hütter are considered to be the most influential figures in the electronic music industry.

Co-founders of Kraftwerk

Florian Schneider met Ralf Hütter when both were the students at Robert Schumann Conservatory. And later, they teamed up when they saw that both have the same mind in the same professional field.

In 1969, Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter released their first music album, named ‘Tone Float.’ And after this, they kept on working and also made their first music studio called ‘Kling Klang,‘ together in their home city.

Schneider sang and played many instruments, like a violin, electric guitar, electric flute, and synthesizer while Ralf Hütter sang and played keyboards.

Once Ralf Hütter said in an interview:

We had no parent figures, no persistent customs of entertainment. Through the 50s and 60s, everything was Americanized, coordinated towards customer conduct. 

Thus, we were a piece of this 68 development, where abruptly, there were potential outcomes, and we performed at happenings and craftsmanship situations.

Why did Florian Schneider leave Kraftwerk?

Florian Schneider declared his takeoff Monday (January 5) on Kraftwerk fan-site ‘Technopop.’. He did not tell any reason for this departure. And now the only prominent Kraftwerk member is Ralf Hütter.

What is the net worth of Florian Schneider?

The only income source of Florian Schneider was his music band. According to the latest reports of some trusted resources like Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, his net worth is 30 million dollars.

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