Coinfloor CEO Obi Nwosu stated that Bitcoin’s recent volatility is due to the public statement of the “master”

Obi Nwosu, CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor, wants to see Bitcoin’s recent decline in value “in terms of historical price and volatility.”

 In an interview, Nwosu stated that Bitcoin “currently trading prices are about 20 higher than at the beginning of the year”, need to remember, and asked, “how many assets can claim it?”

He added, about the world’s oldest cryptocurrency In the recent volatility, many of them “are left to the official statement of those who are not that master’s, but still have the ability to drive the market.” I am adding. Nwosu also provides a “more meaningful perspective.”

“Look at the continuous increase in the value of (Bitcoin) in the 13 years after its invention.” As an investor, he said in “Instant News” that El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as its legal currency.

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 I think the focus is very important. “Focusing on daily or even monthly prices distracts us from the technological, economic, and political developments that drive Bitcoin adoption and its long-term upward trend,” Nwosu said.

But what about the technical adaptability during such price fluctuations?

Nwosu said:

 “Many professional trader clients have been operating normally during periods of high volatility,” he said, even if “historical issues occur on other platforms”, the company is still “uninterrupted.” We use us in particular because we know the records. “

When looking for talents in the crypto and blockchain industries, Nwosu believes that this is a difficult task, “especially in the field of Bitcoin and exchanges.” Regarding his company’s recruitment process, he said: We look for possibilities and passion And guide them, over time, they grow into the employees we want to see. ” Nwosu also talked about the cryptocurrency market trends that he believes to be important in 2021.

Bitcoin is never a boring moment, but “for various reasons, 2021 can be considered one of the most important years in early history. Political/legal and technical. And for economic reasons.” From a political perspective Look, he stated that the importance of adopting cryptocurrency in El Salvador “can’t overestimate the adoption of Square, Microstrategy and other companies to companies and organizations last year.”

“Most importantly, we are worried about inflation and weakening of confidence in fiat currencies, which will encourage new users to explore and accept the benefits of Bitcoin,” he signed. Do it

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