Comedy and darkness at the same time, go and watch the new trailer of pen15 by Hulu
pen15 season 2 official trailer

Official trailer of pen15 released now, pen15 is a story that moves around two girls Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine. At the time of school when we feel alone and growing like an outcast, this movie trailer showed some facts related to that situation with a hint of comedy. You have to expect little a tint of darkness inside cause it reflects some family issue that usually teenagers face when their family break down with separation or divorce between their parents.

This trailer showed that the story revolves around Anna’s family issue that is the reason of her disturbed mind. Her parents’ divorce is a tragedy for her how she deals with it while schooling. The story showed her experience of facing such issue and critical situation that every kid face when divorce takes place between their house and family.

Several times in this trailer Anna explained her mental state through her behavior and words.

Pen15 story and Anna’s real-life experiences

This story reveal her real-life experience according to her. Her parents separate for two years, the most wonderful years of her life. It was so confusing for me at that time I was 13 years old, I had attachments with them cause we were family for sure but, it was so difficult for me to deal this situation, I wanted to share my feelings with someone who listen to me and recognize my mindset. I really wanted to tackle my mental health cause it is ruining my personality very badly. She added those feelings were really dark and I was facing these at the age of 13 quite unfair for me.

But, in the movie things are dark and funny at the same time, Maya helped me to cope up with the deal and create a fantasy to become bad girls and then fix all things on our own.

It was so exciting dark and funny in unison.

How they turned a dark and serious situation into funny and magical through their minds, they tried to hold the mirror for the audience where they see and realize its hard time for the kids who face these kinds of situations

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