Coronavirus COVID-19 Mexico: Massive gatherings canceled in Mexico

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Mexico: On Friday night, Mexican health authorities said that the quantity of proved Coronavirus cases, raised to 26. One day earlier, this number of confirmed cases was 15. The overall number of tests that are performed to verify the Coronavirus cases is 475. 

Coronavirus COVID-19 Mexico
Coronavirus COVID-19 Mexico

Secretary under the health department “Hugo López-Gatell” asked individuals to maintain a strategic distance from insignificant occasions and said the nation might move all the more rapidly to Phase 2 of its arrangements for containing Coronavirus. “Hugo López-Gatell” also said in a statement that some other decisions about the emergency of Mexico; he would announce after the twenty-four hours. 

They already canceled a lot of events in Mexico. On Saturday, the government of Mexico canceled the largest boxing class in the world, due to the Coronavirus. Cultural activities are postponed. Schools and other education departments are also closed. Mexican government applied the restrictions on all types of concerts, big national as well as small-scaled regional ceremonies and public gatherings.  

However, a big concert featured by “Guns N’ Roses” is as yet planned for Saturday in Mexico City. In last year, ninety thousand persons visited this music festival. A few groups have dropped their appearances at “Vive Latino.” However, coordinators insisted that the concertgoers face some hazards, and extra precautionary measures will be taken. Promoter “Jordi Puig,” said in a statement released in “W Radio” of Mexico City. We will continue because what seems irresponsible to us has something else to do. We sold a lot of tickets and also invested a significant cash amount on its arrangements. Many members of our team are working on this project.

Hugo López-Gatell released a statement:

Hugo López-Gatell released a statement cancelations attempted before us entering a situation of the network spread loose, adequacy, and create financial misfortunes. He asked the residents of Mexico City to remain at home for five days. He requested that the individuals transform the typically stopped up and clogged Mexican capital into a ghost town.

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