Coronavirus COVID-19: Screening Measures are implemented in US Airports

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Coronavirus COVID-19: On the airports of the United States, the travelers are waiting in long lines for the screenings. The airports of the United States have been tossed into chaos as new coronavirus wellbeing screening measures for individuals coming back from Europe, come into power. These screening measures are applied because the United States has almost two thousand and seven hundred positive cases of Coronavirus. And also, 54 deaths are happened there due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The US organization has forced a restriction on non-Americans going from the 26 European nations in the Schengen free development zone. On Monday midnight, the US also decided to ban all the entries of the travelers; coming from the United Kingdom and Ireland. As a result, the UK Office of Foreign Affairs is now advising on travel throughout the United States. 

Coronavirus COVID-19
Coronavirus COVID-19: Screening Measures are implemented in US Airports

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, tweeted that forgive the interferences and some delays, we are moving as fast as could reasonably be expected. Yet, significantly, we are cautious and cautious. We should take care of ourselves and the entire country. Our safety is the first priority. 

Due to the rising fear of Coronavirus and fewer arrangements to deal with the patients, the United States already released an emergency. Tens of millions of students are sent to their houses. They also restricted sports events, music festivals, weddings, parties, etc. 

Restrictions on Domestic Travel:

The White House decided to implement the restrictions on domestic travel, on Saturday. Donal Trump said that we want all this to end now. If it is not essential to travel, then do not travel. We can’t see more population of our country infected with Coronavirus.

Passenger’s Reaction to Airports Screenings:

Mr. Clancy returned home from Athens, Greece. He wound up lining for an aggregate of five hours. The nurse took his temperature before he permitted to leave O’Hare airport. He said in an interview on BBC news: I felt there wasn’t a great deal of access to hand sanitizer or bathrooms; since you’d almost certainly lose your place in the line. It was a totally hectic situation. 

“Ruth Procopi” returned from the United Kingdom on Saturday. She told that yesterday I came to O’Hare airport. It was a very hectic situation. Nobody explained anything to me. I felt one of the fortunate ones. Because I had no processed packs to attempt to discover. We were told there were extra screening measures while on the airplane. However, no details about this procedure. We have not said anything at any stage. It took me two hours to overcome.

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