Coronavirus in Italy: Government analyzes suspending flights to Italy

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Coronavirus in italy: President Alberto Fernandez (President of Argentina) reported that the national government is considering suspending flights to and from Italy. Italy, one of the countries most affected by the spread of the coronavirus. According to what he said, in the meeting he led yesterday at the Government House, they discussed new prevention measures that will probably be communicated in the next few hours.

Coronavirus in italy
Government analyzes suspending flights

The head of state said that in front of Italy, which had decided to close its borders, in that case (he had debated) whether he shouldn’t suspend the deal with them during that time.

In the same report, The President stated that the 14-day quarantine would be mandatory for people who traveled to the countries most affected by the disease. The disease that was born in China and keeps much of the planet in suspense.

So far, the Executive Power has identified China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Iran, Spain as risk countries.
Germany and France. Last night, at a press conference, Health Access Secretary Carla Vizzotti added the United States to that list. And also recommended not to travel to any country in Europe.

Coronavirus in italy: Fernandez reiterated that so far in Argentina, only imported cases detected. And mostly from people who traveled to Italy and contracted the disease. Health authorities investigate each patient and initiate a process to reconstruct who they were in contact with to follow up using a specialized control system. The President said that that process was paying off, evolving well.
So far, the Ministry of Health reported 19 positive cases in Argentina. One of them died in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. At the same time, 38 suspected cases under study. And their samples are analyzing at the Malbran Institute.
Another 111 people who had contact with any of the confirmed cases are also under follow-up.

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