CoronaVirus: Live Updates From U.S, Symptoms, precautions

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All the U.S are in the emergency Condition due to CoronaVirus. Trump declared a national emergency due to the excessive case of CoronaVirus. A total of 2836 cases are registered in the U.S. It such a critical condition for all Americans.

57 Deaths have been reported yet. 37 deaths confirmed from Washington State. Five From California, Four from Louisiana, Three from Florida and Five from New York state. At least 49 states have been affected by CoronaVirus

Corona Virus Cases Report in U.S
Corona Virus Cases Report in the U.S

President Donald Trump banned traveling for 30 days.

The U.S Government has banned the gathering of people.

37 Deaths have been reported from Washington. The first death at the age of 50, was reported by 29th Feb 2020 at EvergreenHealth Hospital. 2 Patients died on 26th Feb 2020.

Stats of CoronVirus Cases in the U.S:

Total 2,836 cases registered in the U.S

Deaths due to corona Virus 57.

Recoverd From CoronaVirus 47.

Active and closed Cases in the U.S

There are 2730 Active cases.

2720 are in Mild Condition and the other 10 cases are in Critical Condition.

CoronaVirus Closed Cases in U.S

   There are 106 closed cases in which 49 cases are recovered and discharged from the hospital and  57 people has died.

Total coronavirus Cases in the United State.
Total Cases in the United State.

Daily New Cases in United State

What Are the Precautions of CoronaVirus:

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

Avoid touching your hands on your face and nose.

Drink Warm Water

Avoid eye contacting with other people

Avoid physical relation

Wash your hands before you eat.

Use face mask

Avoid handshake with other people

Use Gloved for hands

Maintain a Distance Atleast 3 Feet to the other person.

Common Symptoms of CoronaVirus



Shortness of Breath

Breathing Difficulties

Corona Can cause pneumonia

kidney failure and even death.

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