Coronavirus Los Angeles: A Patient Found On Airport

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Coronavirus Los Angeles: On Wednesday, Day, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that on February 29, a person began to exhibit coldlike signs. When he visited his primary care doctor, he tested him for COVID-19. The test reports were positive. A spokeswoman, “Heather Swift,” stated that the Department of Homeland Security alerted to this situation late night on Tuesday.

Coronavirus Los Angeles

According to the officials, around seven days went from the completion of the journey, to when the patient hospitalized. An ambulance took the patient to a medical clinic on February 27. In this interval, the individual had minimal community exposure. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the individual is now under self-isolate at home with mild side effects and is under clinical supervision.

Heather Swift said that we are feeling happy to said that the individual was very well prepared. And he did everything right when he fell sick. He took all the precautions seriously. Now the individual wore all the protection equipment from clothes to mask.

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The government started to trace the people that remained in contact with this patient since last week. So they can provide proper treatment on time and ask them to follow all the precautions so that they can protect the other people from Los Angeles. Because in California, already 50 positive cases found. Therefore, the government of Los Angeles does not want to take a risk by ignoring this case. In California, almost seven people infected due to persons with personal contact. And the tweleve persons are infected during travel.

Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, told in a conference that I want to make a special effort to thank our government authorities. Because we have been working very well.

World Health Organization Precautions for Coronavirus:

According to the World Health Organization, to stop the infection from spreading, health specialists prescribe washing hands with cleanser and water 20 seconds or utilizing a hand sanitizer. People infected by coronavirus must wear a mask. Or it is important to wear a mask, for those who care about somebody like doctors and family members.

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