Cost of parties organized by Blake Gray and Bryce Hall during the pandemic

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TikTok stars Blake Gray and Bryce Hall are now facing criminal charges related to their party to mark Hall’s 21st birthday.

If you are planning to host a pandemic party, you may need to think again. TikTok stars Blake Gray and Bryce Hall are now facing criminal charges. That are related to their party to mark Hall’s 21st birthday.

Despite warning Hall the previous week to host a party at his residence. Hundreds of friends still gathered in the Hollywood Hills building.

Even after being warned of this situation, TikTok people are clearly reluctant to comply with the law. Blake Gray and Blake Gray and Bryce Hall are determined to hold a social gathering in the city of Los Angeles.

Despite their social distancing order, the gathering is still to be held. But they are now facing misdemeanor and will not Do not respond to their actions in court.

If they think this is fun and playable, then they obviously understand that this is a very serious problem that California attaches great importance to.

CNN quoted attorney Mike Feuer as saying: “If during a public health crisis. If the total number of followers on TikTok reaches 19 million. Then you should establish good behavior…instead of blatantly breaking the law.”

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Gray and Hall knew the regulations that had been enacted and chose to join their political party instead of complying with the law. Which showed that they were unwilling to cooperate with security rules in the global pandemic. When they spend their days in court, it doesn’t bode well for them. Deliberate violation of such safety orders is rude and irresponsible. And has severely increased the risk of illness throughout the community.

The party was held at Sway House, and the house was full of people. Soon after, young party attendees started posting party videos on their social media channels. These videos depicted large groups of people dancing, rubbing against each other and even stripping. It is not clear whether there are any COVID-19 transmissions related to this party, but it has not been two full weeks since the incident.

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