Could Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso be the prelude to The Rock’s WrestleMania 37 date?

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Since he returned to SummerSlam, the Roman Reigns dynasty of Big Dog has been the topic of the town. The Pensacola local’s heel turn and his interaction with Paul Hyman aroused the interest of the fans.

This was further consolidated at this week’s WWE SmackDown, and it was clear that Roman Reigns finally came to the dark side. Although it may have taken WWE many years, fans are still very happy to finally see Reigns’ heels, and many believe he will have it.

If there are any signs in the past few weeks, he will kill it as a villain on Friday night.

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Deadly 4 game

The main event of SmackDown this week was a deadly 4 game, which confirmed the new first place for Reigns in the WWE World Championship in the WWW Championship. In the round, Jey Uso nailed Matt Riddle for his cousin.

What makes this special match “special” is its timing. If this is the rule of the past, it will be just another friendly contest between the two cousins. But now one can only imagine that Jey is about to usher in the biggest game of his career.

Now, WWE can do several things in this game

The first one is to make Jey Usos lose back and merge and let him join forces with The Big Dog. Such a failure of Jey will eventually anger a lot of fans, which should serve the purpose.

Uso had previously teamed up with Reigns in early 2020, but to be honest, seeing the heel Bloodline running through the SmackDown locker room is very encouraging.

Alternatively, the company could allow Reigns to defeat Jey for a dominant victory, which seems to be the most obvious result. The turning point here should be Reigns attacking Jey after the game and beating him into pulp. After the fiasco, Hyman announced that “Big Dog” would become the greatest superstar ever to appear in the Anoia’i family.

In the next few months, Usos will be ruled by Reigns. He will refuse to let him into the company, his family, which will add another layer to Reigns’ new heel role.

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