Couple got married on flight to avoid COVID-19 restrictions! Read the full story.

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Due to covid-19 and the pandemic restrictions since last year February 2020 up till now, it is been very difficult for people to not only meet each other but also to celebrate any of their events. Many of the people have postponed their occasions or weddings in such regards. Due to Covid pandemic, there are great restrictions in public gatherings and only limited people were allowed if you are throwing a wedding or any other commemoration as many cities are under lockdown phase where obeying strict rules for public gatherings are mandatory for people.

On that account, here’s a story of a Malayalam couple who booked an airplane for their wedding. The couple known as Rakesh and Dakshina, are currently the residents of Madurai who took an airplane for the rent for 2 hours to tie the knot where all their families and guests were invited. This couple from Madurai is an amazing example of what would people can do just for the sake of love! Weddings are the foremost precious moments in every couple’s life where they make great memories with their friends and family. Of course in such events you always wanted everything to be on point, that’s exactly what Rakesh and Dakshina wanted to their wedding to be perfect.

Couple got married on flight to avoid COVID-19 restrictions
Couple got married on flight to avoid COVID-19 restrictions

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many nations and cities have obligatory curfews and restrictions so this couple from Tamil Nadu’s Madurai created waves as they came up with a novel plan of getting married in presence of all their loved ones. The couple from Madurai set-aside a complete flight from Madurai to Bangalore and tied the knot precisely once their airplane was over the famous temple of Tamil Nadu known as Madurai Meenakshi Temple. According to the reports, the wedding was done with a ‘graceful’ presence of their 161 relatives within the flight.

Making this saying true that couples are made in heaven, Rakesh and Dakshina really made it happened and got married in the sky. When ask about, that from where did this creative idea came to their mind of tying the knot up higher in the sky, they simply said that it was because to avoid the continued COVID-19 wedding restrictions and curfew in their province.

Couple got married on flight to avoid COVID-19 restrictions
Couple got married on flight to avoid COVID-19 restrictions

A video of the ceremony is going viral all over the internet when an unknown user announce it on his Twitter account with the caption, “Rakesh-Dakshina from Madurai rented a plane for 2 hours and got married within the wedding sky. Members of the family are along with them in the same flight which flew from Madurai to Bangalore once the couple got married and return by a SpiceJet flight from Bangalore to Madurai.”

In the video shared o Twitter, the groom can be seen ligature the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck and the relatives can be seen throughout the ceremony clapping and shower them with flower petals. This was a really extremely impressive or surprising at the same time that what people can do just for the sake of love.

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