The hilarity continues as Courteney Cox transforms into “Friends” characters with a face filter: “This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen.”

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Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox

She never expected her life to turn out this way! In spite of the fact that the app’s images were more like an off-brand version of the cast, Courteney Cox couldn’t resist trying out the viral Friends face filters.

Friends Courteney Cox Actress Used Face App

The actress, who played Monica on the NBC sitcom, began the video of her playing with the filter by saying, “Friends face app, apparently.” As Cox played with the app, each cast member’s face morphed into her own – and Cox was quick to highlight the striking differences.

David Schwimmer played Ross on Cougar Town, and the Cougar Town alum first “turned into” him. Trying to imitate the low voice of the character, Cox said, “Hello.”. “Really? My appearance has nothing to do with Schwimmer.”

Courteney Cox Face Swap
Courteney Cox Face Swap

After saying Joey’s most famous line, she transformed into Matt LeBlanc (Joey). “Hi! How you doing?” the actress asked the camera, noticing how the impersonation enhanced with her own jewelry: “Oh, looks good with an earring.”. Or two.”

Courteney Cox transforms into “Friends” characters

However, as soon as Cox entered the girls’ filters, the characters became hard to distinguish.

In the video, she said, “Oh hello.”. In the filter, her eyes were ice blue, her eyebrows arched and her lips were merlot. It asked, “Who are you?”. Is that Monica? Not sure. Rachel? I have no idea.”

In addition to saying that this is the worst app he’s ever seen, the Scream star also said, “But it’s OK.”

Including her on-screen husband Matthew Perry, Cox went through the entire cast. Observing the rosy red cheeks of Chandler, she commented, “She has rosacea.”. “Oh, Chandler.”

Courteney Cox Face Filter
Courteney Cox Face Filter

The Alabama native gushed over Lisa Kudrow before trying to figure out which filter she used. Having eliminated that the one filter couldn’t be Rachel because Jennifer Aniston has a “gorgeous mouth” and the filter does not, Cox concluded that it must be her.

“I feel horrible about myself,” she jokingly admitted. “Bye!”

Friends Reunion

Despite her friendship with her Friends castmates and her reunion with them on the HBO Max set last year, Cox admitted last month that she doesn’t remember much from filming.

She joked: “I should’ve watched all 10 seasons because when I was asked questions at the reunion, I didn’t remember being there,” she said on the Today show in March. “I didn’t realize that we filmed so many episodes.”

Courteney Cox Hilirous Pictures

For her lack of recollection, she blamed her “bad memory”, adding that she wished the cast “spent more time taking pictures” during filming.

Every time I see it on TV, I stop and think, “Oh my God, I don’t remember this at all,” Cox said. He laughed.

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