Cowboys sign andy dalton: Andy Dalton leaves the Bengals

Cowboys sign andy dalton: Nearby sources confirmed that quarterback Andy Dalton made a deal with the Dallas Cowboys for a year and $ 3 million, but it was also claimed that it could go up to $ 7 million.

cowboys sign andy dalton
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As several important sources confirmed that the player reached an agreement with the Dallas Cowboys for a season and worth $ 3 million, but also it is rumored that it could rise to 7 million.

This move means for Dalton the “return home” since, in his university stage, he played for the Christian University of Texas (TCU), which is located in Fort Worth. This place now considers him as his home, so he did not. You will have to move your family, who live in that area.

This will be a facility for Dalton since he will be able to keep close to his family during the stage that I spent militating for the Dallas.

However, many speculated that the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New England Patriots could go after him, the preference of Being close to his old home filled Dalton more.

After nine seasons with the same team and being a veteran in the game, it was coming that Dalton’s future with the team was about to end, and after the arrival of Burrow, who comes from playing with LSU became a reality such possibility.

cowboys sign andy dalton
Credit: USATODAY Sports

A short Introduction 

Date of Birth: October 29, 1987 

Andy Dalton’s age: 32 years

Birthplace: Katy, Texas, United States

Height: 1.88 m

Spouse: Jordan Dalton (m. 2011)

Education: Katy High School, Texas Christian University

Nicknames: The Red Rifle, 007

Dates joined: 2006 (TCU Horned Frogs football), 2011 (Cincinnati Bengals)

Dalton’s last contract with the Bengals consisted of six seasons and $ 96 million.

In his last campaign, it was worth $ 17.7 million. During his nine tournaments played with Bengals, Dalton posted a record of 70 wins, 61 losses, and two draws, played five postseasons, but was never able to advance from the first round of the playoffs. Cowboys sign andy dalton.

What is Andy Dalton salary?

Andy Dalton salary: Andy Dalton had a $17.5 million base salary.

Does Andy Dalton have children?

Andy Dalton son: Noah Andrew Dalton (July 1, 2014) and Nash Gordon Dalton (March 16, 2017).

What is Andy Dalton’s net worth?

The two-time Pro-Bowler, Andrew Dalton, was making figures up to $96 million and adding up to $115 million. Andy Dalton also generates a lot of income from corporate sponsorships and brand advertisements.

Companies such as Nike, Fantasy Draft, and PepsiCo hire him for branding. Andy Dalton’s net worth: $23.3 million.

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