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Juventus ace Christiano Ronaldo has proven himself at another international level and was awarded The Golden Foot, an award which his competitor Lionel Messi hasn’t won yet.

A player can receive the Golden Foot Award only once in his entire career, which Ronaldo has achieved at a very early age behind closed doors.

He claimed that he was praised in a way that is never forgettable and was commemorated on the champion promenade in Monaco.

Ronaldo honored with Golden Foot award
Ronaldo honored with Golden Foot award

At that moment he said “receiving this award is an honor, I am happy that my footprints will be close to those of other great champions and I thank all the public who voted for me. I will always do my best to play well and score goals”.

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He praised also praised many of the football legends of all time. Ronaldo is among those figures who can go into untested waters and still came out with a fish or two.

Ronaldo has been magnificent for both Juventus and Portugal in the year 2020, playing a major role in the teams and delivering with great consistency.

His current international goal tally has reached the score of 102 that is only seven goals short of Iranian legend Ali Daei.

In 2020, he becomes a Serie A winner for the second time with Juventus in the 19-20 season. Ronaldo was observed as the first player to score 50 goals in the premier league, earlier this year.

He has recorded 37 goals across all competitions for the Bianconeri’s last session, which is meant to be the highest score any player has achieved.

He was the first European to out-stretch 100 international goals in 2020. It is expected that Ronaldo can break Ali Daei’s record in the year 2021, which would lift him to become the men’s highest international goal scorer.

The Golden Foot award is one of the only few recognitions which his competitor Lionel Messi hasn’t won in his garnished career.

It was already announced this year that Ronaldo was the latest recipient of the Golden Foot Award that came into being in the year 2003.  The humbleness of Ronaldo can be seen in a way that he is wholeheartedly thanking his fans around the world who voted for him for this great achievement.

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