“Crown” star Vanessa Kirby plays a heartbreaking family birth role

Vanessa Kirby

“Crown” star Vanessa Kirby said on September 5 that her latest role as a woman is losing a child after the birth of the family. Which is her worst experience so far

The British actress and Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf played in the premiere of “Fragments of Women” at the Venice Film Festival.

It starts with a 25-minute birth scene, shot by Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo. And written by his long-time partner Kata Weber.

This film is one of a series of individual films competing for the highest award of the Golden Lion Award.

32-year-old Kirby said it was “really scary” to treat the pain of the women with whom he was talking before shooting. But she “really penetrated” the first protagonist in the movie with her own name. Since she played Princess Margaret, the sister of British Elizabeth II in the famous Netflix series. There has been no such name again. .

Mundriczo admitted that making a movie about “how you lost a baby” was not the most commercially significant idea he had ever put forward.

But the widely acclaimed director said that coping with this scorching sorrow is common. And that this sorrowful pain is also related to the trauma of the character’s family massacre.

Mandruzzo-well-known for his 2014 Cannes Film Festival winner “White God”. And Webber both wore T-shirts and announced #FreeSZFE to support students who are studying at the Budapest Academy of Dramatic Art and Film Art as the prime minister of the country Viktor Orban appointed one of his supporters as its head.

Orban’s critics took to the streets to support the students. Saying it was the latest move by his nationalist government to seize power from what it considers to be a leftist institution.

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Mondruzzo said

Mondruzzo said he supports students in defending the independence of the university.

Earlier he told reporters that he had moved to Berlin for more than a year. Because of the “increasing pressure on free art” under Orban, who has been in power for more than a decade.

Another very autobiographical film made by Claudio Noce in Italy made headlines in Italy.

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