Cyberpunk 77 gets delayed due to bug fixes.

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Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk

Cyberpunk 77 gets delayed due to bug fixes,

The most awaited game of all time gets postponed due to balancing and bug fixes. The highly anticipated open-world RPG has, which was going to be released during the Septemeber 17th release date to November 19th, The developer wrote on Twitter.

The game is finished from a content perspective. The gameplay is here, with quests, skills items, cutscenes, functionalities in place. The game is very complicated and broad that it needs a lot of time to be fixed, and he added that ” we have to go through everything, balance game mechanics, and set a lot of bugs.”

It’s still a long time since Cyberpunk 2077 would be released. It was first developed in 2013. Initially, it was all set to release on April 16rh. The game was delayed to September 17th and back in January. The multiplayer game is aa action-packed game and has all the components that one can imagine while playing a game has the game is complex and needs a lot of time to be fixed.

There are currently two versions of the game one is the version that the developer CD Projekt RED is known for the witcher series. The developer is said to give interviews, presentations, swag posters, and walls with the promotional booths. It’s a deep role-playing game that could change people’s perspectives about gaming. The game is about whims of employers and cultural fads trying to fit in an economics system that objectifies and exploits the people who are part of it.

The CD Projekt Red shows something that seems to be a good looking but generic shooter RPG hybrid with an ’80 retro-futuristic sensibility and grab a bag of William Gibson references. The closer the release date of the game, the more likely it seems that it would be the final form. The critics have called it racist and transphobic, but the developers say that they are just giving a gritty future about the game


The game sparked quite a controversy on social media previously.

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