Dallas police chief resigns due to department handling protests

Dallas Police Department Chief U. Rene Hall , the first black woman in charge of the department, announced that she would resign. Her resignation came in response to criticism of the department’s response to racism and police violence.

Hall wrote in a letter to the Dallas city manager on Tuesday: “The past three years have been filled with a series of unimaginable events. These events have never happened in Dallas. Individually and collectively.” I’m proud that the department not only responded to a series of incredible events. But we also managed to implement key reforms that clearly needed.”

Hall is the latest in a series of police chiefs in cities such as Seattle; Portland, Oregon; Atlanta; Louisville, Kentucky; Associated with national protests and left or was expelled from office.

T.C. City Manager Broadnax

T.C. City Manager Broadnax issued a statement thanking Hall for her service and acknowledging that the last day. She originally planned to be in the department was November 10. However, he asked her to continue working before the end of the year, and she agreed.

He added that allowing Hall to stay for a few more weeks will give city officials more time to formulate the search criteria for the new chief. Who “must be equally determined to pursue excellence”

The Hall member station KERA reported that Hall received special scrutiny on how her department handled the demonstrations triggered by the death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police on the anniversary.

During this period, the police used chemical deterrents and non-lethal ammunition against the demonstrators and carried out a “mass arrest incident” on June 1.

The demonstrators marched to Margaret Hunter in the city. After the Hill Bridge, 674 people were detained. In the memo at the beginning of the report released in mid-August, Hall pointed out that the document “is an honest assessment and review of errors, miscalculations and shortcomings found in this extensive review.”

Since 2017, Hall has been the top police officer in Dallas.

She immediately followed David Brown’s lead and retired. David Brown led the department through a daunting period in which five Dallas police officers were conducted in July 2016. Fatal shot.

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