Damian Power is too passionate about dating to deal with Francesca Farago

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After seeing them leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood, California, the Netflix star incited dating rumors last week

Love Is Blind star Damian Powers set a direct record of his relationship with Francesca Farago of Too Hot to Handle.

Last week:

Fans suspected that the Netflix star was romantically getting along because they left a restaurant in West Hollywood. California together after being photographed.

In the photo, 26-year-old Farago  clasped Bowers’ arm tightly while walking down the street wearing a large mask.

Giannina Gibelli, the girlfriend of Powers, met in “Love Is Blind” and apparently disappeared during an outing:

In the statement to E! 27-year-old News, Powers denied that they had a romantic relationship with Farago, and said they were just friends. Bowles said that when the couple walked out of the house, Farrago. “Catch me and tried to protect myself from the paparazzi when the whole team entered the car.”

Although Powers and Gibelli had disagreements on “Love Is Blind” and Powers even said “I don’t want to” on the altar. The couple seemed to have found their sweetness after the performance.

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Gibelli, 27, wrote in an article for “Playboy” in April. The couple has spent so much time amid the coronavirus pandemic that the couple is more intimate.

Meanwhile, Farago moved from his companion Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey in June. When he was still together after the show was finished.

Farrago announced the split in the 5-minute YouTube video “Our Breakup”. Telling fans that Josie  resigned because of a broken relationship because “he can no longer travel long distances.”

Farrago, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, said that: She tried to make Joevosi “work” by visiting Los Angeles during a business trip, but that didn’t happen.

She continued: “I really thought we were going through a difficult time and we would solve this problem.

” She explained that she plans to move to California permanently to be with Josie. “I thought we were going to be together. I thought we were getting married.”

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