Dave Bautista is getting more attentive and prove himself as an actor with his upcoming movies

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WWE wrestlers proved their selves over time that they could be a good actor Dwayne “The Rock” and John Cena are those who proved this.

And make their personality as an actor, Now Dave Bautista who was recognized as Batista in the wrestling industry. Now coming back with a new movie and some TV shows. At the start, he wasn’t doing much better but now we can feel the vibes that are coming from his personality. Dave Bautista is the one who can’t be stopped. His movie Stuber has spread good humors and his dynamic range and charisma and all the scenes where he was featured were best. Moreover, his movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Blade Runner 2049 were also good ones.

Dave Bautista, 51, bouncer turned wrestler doesn’t look to accept defeat instead of it. He is doing his best and working hard to identify himself as an actor. I’ll share some of his upcoming movies and TV shows

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An epic science fiction novel Dune will be the more anticipated movie of the year, has a classic story and good cast including Bautista. Dune is going to release on December 18, 2020.

Army of the dead

Zack Snyder zombie movie, director dawn of the dead, will release in September 2021.

See season 2

See season 2 first announced in January 2020 but later on it delayed.

Guardian of the galaxy vol. 3 TBD

Guardians of the galaxy vol.3 was basically supposed to arrive in 2020. But it was delayed and now it comes in 2021.

Groove tales

Groove tales is an animated family comedy movie that Revolves around the street dancing competitors. Dave Bautista would be lending his voice multiple rows in the animated movie. Unfortunately, they haven’t been updated on the state of the project in a few years. But groove tales seem to be his voiceover project.

Dave Bautista is becoming more attentive and hard-working to achieve his goals. His new movies and TV series are telling vociferously that he will be made his hold in the fairytale of Hollywood as an actor. But, not an ordinary actor, a multi-tasker actor who can do many things with acting at the same time.

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