DAVE PORTNOY shut up trolls in a hilarious way!

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On April 6, Dave Portnoy’s video released on the web. Afterward, the American web character responded to something similar on his Twitter. Here’s a glance at what he said.

Dave has consistently been vocal about his musings, and he didn’t avoid t the video that surfaced on the web. A few groups on Twitter have even shared their contemplations on the break. This comes days after Dave won the defamation case that was documented against him by Michael Ramapo.

DAVE PORTNOY shut up trolls in a hilarious way!
DAVE PORTNOY shut up trolls in a hilarious way!


On April 6, a few group people on Twitter responded to Dave’s spilled video. Dave rather than dismissing it, Dave chose to address the video. In a tweet which was posted around the same time, Dave stated: “Stand by $penn is dropping reason I have a spilled tape? Is it true that you are messing with me? Ps – It’s a felony to watch or post it. Twofold Ps – If**k. Who cares?”

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He went with the post with a video where he said, “Another sex tape that individuals are sending near. I have known this one. A person showed it to me like a year prior. News streak, it is the third f**king one. I have improved. How are you going to manage it? It’s on the f**king web.”

He proceeded: People f**king realizes that. It’s all usual and somewhat unusual. Whatever, you had the chance to zest it up. It can’t be exhausting. All the more significantly, the stock is down in light of the fact that somebody had consensual closeness it’s their choice would you say you are messing with me? I would hop on this plunge and I would f**kit. No play on words planned.

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On March 29, Michael lost his criticism claim against Barstool Sports. In the wake of joining Bristol Sports in 2017, Michael lost his employment in 2018. The organization asserted that Dave was terminated in view of an old tweet he had made for the organization. The tweet supposedly targeted by the fan of Barstool Sports as Michael composed that anybody calling themselves “stoolies” has “effectively lost throughout everyday life.” Following this, on February 19, 2018, Dave uncovered they had built up a jokester shirt with Michael’s face on it, and the T-shirts were available to be purchased.

 The entertainer recorded a criticism case for something very similar. In another tweet, he shared a video response of his companion Ellio imbornone to his spilled tape.

He wrote Hey elio82 how about you stop watching tapes and get me winner #DDTG

This is hilarious and a perfect way to handle a controversial issue just be upfront that’s why people like dave he doesn’t give a damn and speaks his mind.

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