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David kyalo praised Trump, in his recent tweet of Christmas wishes, in which David titled him as a lion.

Kyalo spends time comparing Trump’s courage and stamina to brave animals along with a Christmas message to his family.

David compliments Donald Trump by saying he has the courage of a lion, who sleeps in the heart of every brave man.

He claimed Trump has the vision of a giraffe, that has a balance between the head and the heart which represents spiritual and worldly matters.

Along with the above qualities, he said he has the stamina and the tolerance of a zebra, as he is always peppy while doing an activity.

Also, David Kyalo Musyoka exclaimed that trump has always left his comfort level to fight for his nation and the American people.

After praising him with such appreciative words, this internal auditor wished Donald an overwhelming Christmas.

He wrote, “Merry Christmas Mr. President! to you and your family! Say hi to the first amazing lady with a heart of gold.”


David also attached a picture with a lion in the background, and Donald Trump is seen walking around.

Trump reacted to David Kyalo's tweet
Trump reacted to David Kyalo’s tweet


Donald J. Trump took only 14 minutes to get attracted to a heartwarming message and thanked David Kyalo.

A lot of social media users flooded this tweet by showering Trump with Praise and calling him out in equal measures.

Kyalo’s tweet has gone viral so fast, that it got 35.8k retweets and 1,958 quote tweets at the time of publishing the article.

One of the Twitter users said that he would call Donald the lion of the tribe and champion of the American dream.

It was said by one of the Trump supporters that Donald Trump kept terrorism at bay and brought china on the table as they were milking the world.

Also, he added that Trump did not speak the polished diplomatic language and don’t sugar coat words.  

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