Dax Shepard said he just woke up after battling opioid addiction

The actor and podcast said that he feels guilty of hiding “this huge secret”.

Comedian Dax Shepard spoke candidly about his struggles with addiction. He said in the latest episode of the popular interview podcast “The Armchair Expert” that after a recent relapse. He recently changed Got to wake up.

Dax Shepard, who recorded the podcast on Monday, said that in recent months he has struggled with addiction to the opioid analgesic vicodin. Which he started taking because of hand and shoulder discomfort. He added that in the past eight weeks, he was “by their side all day.”

The actor, known for his roles in “Parenthood” and “Blessing This Thing,” said that he felt guilty about hiding “this huge secret”.

 He faced his wife, actress Kristen Bell the co-host of the podcast and Monica Padman “bright” expressed regret before revealing to them what had happened. Shepard told Padman in the 47-minute episode that was screened on Friday morning:

“I was very scared of lying.” “I was very scared, I felt very, very lonely.”

To commemorate Shepard’s seventh day of soberness, the title of this episode is “The Seventh Day”.

 He told Padman that he was still “proud that I haven’t drunk alcohol or cocaine in 16 years”, and when he publicized his relapse at an anonymous meeting on abstinence, he cried for his cry.

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Shepard said he was grateful for Bell and Padman

Shepard said that during his relapse, he “had no single wish, fantasies or idea about drinking alcohol or taking cocaine.”

He added that he was “grateful” for the lives of Bell and Padman.

Since the “Easy Chair Expert” was launched in February 2018, it has attracted a group of loyal supporters. The show revolves around “Human Mess” and usually centers on Shepard and Padman’s interviews with actors, journalists, scholars, and activists.

Shepard, 45, also used the show to talk publicly about his recovery.

He frankly discussed alcoholism, cocaine abuse, and personal safety difficulties, showing the rare level of vulnerability of Hollywood actors.

Shepard described “Day 7” in an Instagram post as “I hope I never have to record this episode. But I feel I should attribute it to the entire beautiful armory that has been riding with me over the past few years.

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